Build or Buy?

Build or Buy is a question many developers have to face when doing their product development.

Key benefits such as shorter time to market, reducing development risk and lower development costs are obvious!
Managing engineering resources and having someone to turn to for professional support are other important benefits.

Cost Analysis

The table below illustrates the typical steps involved in designing a Computer on Module (that has about the complexity that our boards have). Your estimates might be different.

Assumed labor cost is €60 / h.

Activity Cost Time
Research and Component selection €6000 - 18000 100 - 300 h
Design (schematic capture, layout, BOM creation and other design documentation) €12000 - 30000 200 - 500 h
Setting up development environment and BSP creation €6000 - 30000 100 - 500 h
Build prototype, incl outlay cost €5000 50 h
Test prototype €6000 - 12000 100 - 200 h
Possible respin of design €6000 - 18000 100 - 300 h
Create production test equipment and procedure €6000 - 18000 100 - 300 h
Life cycle management €6000 / year 100 h / year
TOTAL €47000-113000 750 - 2150 h

To summarize: Designing your own module is expensive and very time consuming!
This cost shall be amortized over the number of produced boards. The time spent will delay your project by 6-15 months.

The above analysis give an indication of what it can cost to develop a new module. The exact costs for you will most likely vary and can be both much higher and lower. It really depends on the resources and competence you have within your company.


Life Cycle Management

If your product is planned to be used for a long time, there will be additional costs:

  • You need to manage stock to avoid interruptions in the production.
  • Components become obsolete. Someone must spend time to find new (and hopefully) compatible components.
  • Without compatible components the hardware must likely be updated, software modified, prototypes produced and tested - Embedded Artists does this for you!


Cost of Missed Opportunity?

A cost that is easy to neglect is the cost of a missed opportunity. What will it cost if a competitor is first on the market and gets ahead of you?

  • Development times are long for a new product.
  • The risk is high that you won't be ready on time.
  • Unforeseen problems happen all the time.

Don't miss an opportunity!
Start with your application development immediately by using one of our Developer's Kits, Computer-on-Modules, and / or Display Modules.


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