Getting Started with an iMX Developer's Kit
iMX Kit Developer's Kit

Connect FTDI cable

To get a command line interface (terminal) to the system connect the FTDI cable to either the J35 or J16 connector. The black wire should be to the right.

Which connector to use depends on which Developer's Kit you are using:

Connector Developer's Kit
J35 - iMX6 SoloX Developer's Kit (EAK00245)
- iMX6 UltraLite Developer's Kit (EAK00253)
- iMX7 Dual uCOM Developer's Kit (EAK00245)
- iMX7 Dual Developer's Kit (EAK00253)
J16 - iMX6 Quad Developer's Kit (EAK00251)
- iMX6 DualLite Developer's Kit (EAK00263)

Connect the other end of the FTDI cable to your PC. Normally it will automatically install drivers to create a virtual COM port. If it doesn't please consult the FTDI documentation.

You will also need a terminal application. We recommend Tera Term, but you can use the terminal application of your choice. Connect to the virtual COM port using 115200 as baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity.

Connect power supply

Together with the kit you get a 12V power supply with AC plugs for EU, UK, US, UAS, KOR, and CHN. Select the plug used in your country and attached it to one end of the power supply. The other end has an ATX connector. Connect this to the the Developer's Kit.

The board will now power up.

If you already have a 12V power supply an alternative way of powering the board is by using the Micro-Fit 3.0 2-pos connector.

Login prompt

The u-boot bootloader and Linux kernel has been pre-installed on the board. After the board has been powered the software will boot. You can see the boot process in the terminal application.

When the boot process is complete you will be presented with a login prompt. Enter the login credentials below to log on.

Username: root
Password: pass

More getting started help

For more getting started help you can watch the video to the left that show you unboxing of a kit, description of connectors on the kit and the getting started steps described above.

There is also a document called "Getting Started with the iMX Developer's Kit" that you can download and read.

What to do next!

Now you are up-and-running with an iMX Developer's Kit, but there is much more you can do. A lot of documentation and guides are available and a few of them are listed below. To find them all you should go to the product page for the Developer's Kit you are using and then to the Documentation and Resources section.

Documentation and resources