LPCXpresso Prototype Board
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LPCXpresso Prototype Board

The Prototype board provides you with an easy-to-use expansion area for own experiments. The Prototype board can be used for education purposes as well as for experiment and prototype projects. The Prototype board can be used together with the LPCXpresso board or with the mbed module.


LPCXpresso Prototype Board

All signals on expansion connector can be accessed easily
Includes two 1x27 pin lists and two 1x27 headers
Note that these must be manually soldered to the LPCXpresso (LPC1xxx) board and the LPCXpresso Prototype board, respectively.
Large prototype area with 100mil pitch holes
Prototype area with 50mil pitch holes
Prototype area for 50 mil pitch SOIC components
Prototype area for 0.65 mm pitch SSOP components
Dimensions: 148 x 120 mm


Documentation and Resources

The following resources are available for download from our support site after registration of the LPCXpresso Prototype Board.


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