LPC4088 QSB Base Board
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LPC4088 QSB Base Board

Embedded Artists' LPC4088 QSB Base Board makes it possible to get up-and-running quickly with the LPC4088 QuickStart Board. This base board adds several expansion connectors to the LPC4088 QuickStart Board and makes it especially easy to connect displays to the board.

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LPC4088 QSB Base Board

Interfaces / Connectors • 2x22 headers for LPC4088 QuickStart Board
• 2x22 pin list for prototyping
Arduino compatible expansion connectors (for Arduino shields)
Serial Expansion Connector, 14-pos connector with UART/I2C/SPI/GPIO pins
LCD expansion connecor with control signals for touch screen interface
• micro-SD interface & connector
• +5V DC power supply input connector (2.1mm jack)
Dimensions 110 x 114 mm


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Included in kit

  • LPC4088 QSB Base Board
  • 61 pos 0.3 mm pitch FPC cable (for connecting to the LCD expansion connector on the LPC4088 QuickStart Board)

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