COM Display Adapter
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COM Display Adapter

Embedded Artists' COM Display Adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect a parallel RGB interface LCD to your iMX Developer's Kit.

See Display Solutions for COM boards for an overview presentation of how to add a display to your iMX Developer's Kit project.

Embedded Artists has created a guide (Adding Displays to iMX Developer's Kits) and software framework to simplify integration.

The board is compatible with the following Developer's Kit that are based on the COM Carrier Board:


Introduction and demo

TouchGFX Graphical Demo on iMX6UL / iMX7D



Display Interfaces 4 different 40-pos FPC connectors for a variety of common 18- and 24-bit parallel RGB display interfaces.

Connects to COM Carrier Board, rev B/C, 50 pos display expansion connector.
Connects to COM Carrier Board, rev A, 40 pos display expansion connector via adapter.

Touch Panel Interfaces Connectors to different capacitive controllers to supported displays (with I2C interfaces)
Touch Panel Controller On-board resistive touch panel controller, AR1021 from Microchip
White LED Backlight Driver Adjustable current backlight driver (20-160mA)
Optional external +5V supply voltage feed to backlight supply input
Mechanical 165 x 104.3 mm (same size and hole pattern as COM Carrier Board)
145 x 73 mm (after removing break-off parts)
Power +3.3V (for logic) and +5V (for backlight) power supply voltage
Environment Operating Temperature: 0 - 60 degrees Celsius
Operating Humidity: 5 - 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
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Evaluation board

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