Display Expansion Board
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Display Expansion Board, HDMI/DVI/VGA/LVDS interfaces

Embedded Artists' Display Expansion Board adds graphics capabilities to your LPC1788 Developer's Kit, LPC3250 Developer's Kit, LPC4088 Developer's Kit and LPC4357 Developer's Kit.

Display graphics on a monitor/TV via the HDMI / DVI / VGA interface or connect an LCD with LVDS interface to your LPC microcontroller!

The display has an RGB interface. A simple 2x25 IDC connector (2.54mm pitch) is used to interface the display board. This IDC connector is compatible with the LCD Expansion Connector of the OEM Base Board.

A small graphical library for the display, with basic drawing operations, can be downloaded from our support page after purchase of the board.


Display Expansion Board

  • Parallel RGB interface, 16-bit color depth (or 12-bit).
    • Up to 24-bit color depth supported with manual wiring.
    • When used together with Embedded Artists Developer’s Kits up to 16-bit color depth is supported.
  • HDMI/DVI (digital) transmitter via TDA19988 from NXP
    • Note: Limited driver functionality. CEC/HDCP functionality not implemented
  • HDMI/DVI (digital) transmitter via TFP410 from TI
  • VGA (analog) transmitter via ADV7125KST50 from Analog Devices
  • LVDS (digital) transmitter via DS90C383BMT from National Semiconductor/TI
  • Software controller switching between 25.175MHz, 27MHz and 36MHz pixel clocks
    • Spread spectrum (+-2%) oscillators used for reduced EMI.
    • Works for digital transmitters (HDMI/DVI/LVDS) but not for (analog) VGA.
  • Provision for programmable spread spectrum oscillator DS1086LU+ from Maxim (not mounted).
  • Resistive touch screen controller, TSC2046 from TI (normally not used)
  • I2C-E2PROM with configuration parameters
    • Controller can read which display board that is connected and initialize the MCU LCD controller and control the Display Expansion board accordingly.
  • Power control signals via I2C-GPIO
  • 50-pos (2x25) IDC interface connector, compatible with Embedded Artists OEM base board that is used on LPC1788/LPC3250 v2/LPC4088/LPC4357 Developer’s Kits
  • Proper ESD protection on HDMI, DVI and VGA ports
  • Powered via interface connector
    • 3.3V and 5V required
  • Compact size: 165 x 150 mm

Supported OEM Base Boards / Developer's Kits

The Display Expansion Board can be used directly with the OEM Base Board (included in the LPC1788 / LPC3250 v2 / LPC4088 / LPC4357 Developer's Kit).

The Display Expansion Board is an Evaluation product, not designed for integration or long time availability.


Documentation and Resources

The following resources are available for download either directly below or from our support site after registration of the Display Expansion Board.



Sample Software Disclaimer

The sample application is initially available for LPC1788 Developer's Kit, but is easily ported to LPC3250 v2 / LPC4088 / LPC4357 Developer's Kit.

  • Sample application with VGA/SVGA/480p/576p display settings.

Included in kit

  • Display Expansion Board
  • 50 pos IDC cable
  • Mounting material

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