1.35 inch Memory LCD 96x96 px
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1.35 inch Memory LCD 96x96 px

Embedded Artists' 1.35 inch Memory LCD Module adds graphics capabilities to your project.

The module used the LS013B4DN04 Memory LCD from Sharp, based an ultra low-power display technology. Power consumption is only 4µA with an up-date rate of 1Hz and as low as 2µA for a static image.

The display has an SPI interface and is simple to control. The display module connects to Embedded Artists' standard 14-pos expansion connector. Several of our products have the connector on-board. More modules are found here.

A small graphical library for the display, with basic drawing operations, can be downloaded from our support page after purchase of the display.


Introduction and Demo



1.35 inch Memory LCD Module

  • Based on display LS013B4DN04 from Sharp
  • Display technology: reflective active matrix memory LCD module with CG silicone thin film
  • Display useful in daylight applications
  • SPI interface
  • Diagonal size: 1.35 inch
  • No of pixels: 96x96
  • Module supply voltage: 3.3V, the display is supplied with 3.0V via on-board LDO
  • No backlight
  • View area: 24.192 × 24.192 mm
  • Dot size: 0.252 x 0.252 mm
  • Operating temperature: -10 to + 60 degrees Celsius
  • No of colors: 2 (silver and white)
  • Standard 14 pos serial expansion connector interface (2x7 shrouded pin header, 100 mil spacing)
  • 32 x 50 mm module size
  • 3.2 mm mounting holes in 22 x 41 mm pattern

Supported Boards

The Memory LCD Module can be used directly with any of the following Embedded Artists boards:

  • OEM Base Board - included in the LPC1788 / LPC4088 / LPC3250 Developer's Kit.
  • AOA Application Kit

It is simple to interface the standard 14-pos serial expansion connector with any custom design.

The Memory LCD Module is an Evaluation product, not designed for integration or long time availability.

Documentation and Resources

1.35 inch Memory LCD Module

Schematics and Measurements
Memory LCD Module - Rev A (updated 2012-08-22)

LS013B4DN04 - 96x96 pixel 1.35 inch Memory LCD
LS013B4DN04 programming - Application Note from Sharp
TPS78330 - 150mA, Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO

Declaration of Conformity
CE Declaration of Conformity (soon available)
Embedded Artists' general RoHS 2 declaration

14 pos Serial Expansion Connector


Sample Software Disclaimer

  • Demo: Shows how to initialize the display and how to use the graphical library.
  • Project Files: The sample applications contain project files for the free LPCXpresso IDE/Debugger.
  • BSP: Board Support Package exists for the LPC1788 Developer's Kit and the AOAA Kit.

Included in kit

  • One 1.35 inch Memory LCD Modules with display LS013B4DN014 from Sharp
  • One 80mm 14 pos 100 mil pitch flat cable (serial expansion cable)
  • Serial number that gives you access to the support site for this product

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