3.2 inch QVGA LCD Color Display
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3.2 inch QVGA LCD Color Display

Embedded Artists' 3.2 inch QVGA LCD Display adds graphics capabilities to your Developer's Kit.

The interface to this display can be directly to an external 8-bit or 16-bit memory bus or it can just as well be an emulated GPIO bus from processors without external memory interface. A serial (SPI-like) interface is also present. A simple 2x20 pin list (2.54mm pitch) is used to interface the display.

Integrated display controller with embedded display RAM.

A small graphical library for the display, with basic drawing operations, can be downloaded from our support page after purchase of the display.


QVGA LCD Display

  • 8-bit or 16-bit parallel interface. Only occupies 2 addresses (i.e., one address pin).
  • or serial 8-bit (SPI-like) interface (max 10 MHz clock)
  • Diagonal size: 3.2 inch
  • Display technology: TFT
  • Display mode: Transmissive
  • No of pixels: 240xRGBx320 (QVGA size)
  • Supply voltage: 2.5-3.3V
  • White LED backlight, with PWM control
  • View area: 48.6 x 64.8 mm
  • Dot size: 0.2025 x 0.2025 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20 to + 70 degrees Celsius
  • No of colors: 262K (if 18-bit mode), 65k (if 16-bit mode)
  • 2x20 pin list (100 mil spacing) is required to interface the module
  • 93x83 mm module size
  • Board includes TSC2046 touch screen controller (from TI) with SPI interface

Supported Base Boards

The QVGA display can be used directly with any of the following Embedded Artists Base Boards:

  • OEM Base Board Basic - included in the LPC2468 Developer's Kit.
  • LPC31xx Base Board - included in the LPC3131 and LPC3152 Developer's Kits.

It is also simple to interface the display via simulated memory bus (via GPIO) or via a SPI interface from any of NXP's LPC1000/LPC2000/LPC3000 series.

Documentation and Resources

The following resources are available for download from our support site after registration of the QVGA LCD Display.



Sample Software Disclaimer

  • LCD Sample application
  • Touch Screen Controller Sample Application
  • Calibrate application for the Touch Screen

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