Education Boards

Do you want to Learn embedded development?

In general, any board from us can be used as a platform for learning if you are new to embedded development. Some of the boards that have specifically been designed with learning and education in mind are listed below.

Do you want to Evaluate an NXP microcontroller or Cortex-M microcontroller in general?

The LPCXpresso family of boards or our Developer's Kits are a good starting point when you need to evaluate an NXP microcontroller or a general Cortex-M microcontroller. Most of the Cortex-M based NXP microcontrollers are covered by LPCXpresso boards and Developer's Kits.

More than 60 Top Universities over the world use our products!

For both students and professors it is important to have good tools for education. Technikum Wien is one of more than 60 universities who have decided to use Embedded Artists' tools for educational purposes.

"As a result of an extensive platform evaluation process Embedded Artists' boards have been selected to become Technikum Wien's new hardware platforms for several embedded systems courses." For more information see Customer Projects.




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