LPC812 MAX Experiment Kit
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LPC812 MAX Experiment Kit

The LPC812 MAX Experiment Kit has been created as a guided tour to learn embedded programming with the mbed framework and the NXP’s LPC800 microcontroller family with Cortex-M0+ cores. The experiments are performed on a breadboard for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

All the documentation and example code has been developed for the LPC812 MAX board, but other LPCXpresso boards such as the LPC824 MAX should also work. Minor porting work might be necessary.  LPCXpresso boards must be bought separately.

All documentation about the experiments is on-line on the mbed.org site.

The kit is perfect for:

  • professionals that want to learn the mbed framework .
  • students and hobbyists that want to learn more about embedded program development and programming microcontrollers with the mbed framework.
  • University professors that want to have an education platform. The extensive on-line experiment manual can be used as-is or as a base for developing more specific lecture experiments.

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LPC812 MAX Experiment Kit

Components included in the kit are:

  • 4x Red LEDs
  • 4x Green LEDs
  • 4x Yellow LEDs
  • 2x Trimming potentiometers
  • 3x Push-buttons
  • Light sensor (analog)
  • Temperature sensor (analog)
  • 7-segment LED
  • E2PROM with SPI interface
  • L293D step motor driver
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Shift register
  • 2x servo connectors (1x3 pin list, male). Note that servos are not included.
  • Miscellaneous resistors, diodes and transistors
  • Breadboard with cables

Documentation and Resources

All documentation about the experiments is on-line on the mbed.org site.

Included in kit

  • One component kit (60+ components)
  • 2x16 character LCD
  • Step motor
  • Breadboard
  • Prototype cables (male-to-male)

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