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LPC-Link2 is an extensible, stand-alone debug adapter that can be configured to support various development tools and IDEs by downloadable firmwares.

Available firmware images include:

  • LPCXpresso IDE debugger by NXP
  • J-Link by Segger (see more information here and specifically note the Terms of Use from Segger)

The board is supported by the LPCXpresso IDE and all development environments that supports the J-Link and CMSIS-DAP interface.

This product is delivered with a 10-pos IDC Ribbon Cable. Note that an adapter is needed to connect to the older 2x10-pos 100 mil pitch ARM debug connectors.

LPC-Link2 is the latest addition to the LPCXpresso development platform.

There is an add-on board called LabTool that turn the LPC-Link2 into a powerful debug tool with analogue oscilloscope and digital logic analyzer functionality.

Note that LPC-Link2 firmware in combination with the LPCXpresso IDE supports the Cortex-Mx cores in the LPC family, but not the older ARM7/ARM9 cores. Read this FAQ entry for more information.


NXP Presentation of LPC-Link2




SWD/JTAG interface voltage 1.2V - 5.5V supported
Dimensions 84 x 37 mm
Powering Via USB cable from PC
Connectors • standard 10-pin Cortex debug connector (note: 50 mil pitch connector)
• 20-pin Cortex trace connector (note: 50 mil pitch connector)
• analog expansion header
• digital expansion header
• serial expansion header
Supported development tools • Compatible with the LPCXpresso IDE - LPC-Link2 is auto-detected by LPCXpresso.
• Compatible with tools/IDEs that support the Segger J-Link via downloadable firmware image
• Compatible with tools/IDEs that support CMSIS-DAP by ARM via downloadable firmware image


Documentation and Resources

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External Resources

NXP Press Release
LPC-Link2 Configuration Tool - LPCScrypt
Download the LPCXpresso IDE

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