LPCXpresso Value Pack
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LPCXpresso Value Pack

With the LPCXpresso Value Pack we have taken the next step to make LPCXpresso development as easy as possible. Embedded Artists offers an LPCXpresso Value Pack comprising:

  • a 10-pin to 20-pin JTAG Adapter designed to convert between the ARM mini-JTAG connector (10-pin) and the standard ARM JTAG connector (20-pin)
  • the LPCXpresso Prototype board with two pin lists
  • a mini-B to A USB Cable

You save 30% when buying this package compared to if you buy the three parts separately.


LPCXpresso Value Pack

LPCXpresso Prototype board
mini-B to A USB Cable
10 pin to 20 pin JTAG Adapter to use the LPC-Link with any custom board


Documentation and Resources

The following resources are available for download from our support site after registration of the LPCXpresso Value Pack.


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