Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return and RMA process?

Before contacting Embedded Artists for support, please check this FAQ and (possible) troubleshooting/known issues sections in the user's manual for the product. Also check the other FAQ entries for possible solutions.
If the problem is not covered and explained, please contact Embedded Artists via the web form (see support section of the web site).

  • Be as specific as possible when describing the problem. The more information we have the faster and simpler we can solve the problem and/or find the root cause.
  • Exactly what does not work? In what situations does it not work? Describe the software used. Development environment used (including version)? What is the WO-number on the board (The WO-number has the format of WO-xxxx-yyww, here xxxx is a build batch number, yy is the year and ww is the week when produced). The WO-number is found on the silk screen print of the board.
  • Note that we, with few exceptions, provide free software support. The sample application are provided for free, "as-is" and without support.
If Embedded Artists conclude that there is a need to return the product for repair or a replacement, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be provided via e-mail. This is basically an access number approving a product for return. The RMA number must be clearly written on the return package.
Note that Embedded Artists does not accept returned products without an RMA number.
Be certain that the returned product is properly packaged to avoid shipping damages. The customer pays for the return shipping cost.

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