Customer Testimonials

What specifically are you satisfied with Embedded Artists?

"High quality products at a great price."


"Good response to questions and prompt shipment."


"Quality of components - lovely. Suitably packaged, and excellent designs."


"The technical support pages on the website are very good and informative. You use nice cutting edge components. (at least on what I bought)"


"You had made a product that I had thought about making myself, so you saved me the trouble. Quick shipping."


"All boards have a very good quality; it works fine, without any problem. Most of the peripherals are already presented."


"Great design and build quality. You have been great so far."


"Overall - could not be happier. Great products, great prices, loads of fun. I hope you guys continue to be a success, looks like it's well deserved!"


To what extent do you feel that Embedded Artists has helped you shorten your development time?

"Custom HW development and SW development can go in parallel, so roughly 50%."


"You need only software and not to grapple with hw-production. Months, because there is always quite suitable hw."


"We are focused on embedded software, no hardware soldering. EA provides good embedded solutions where we have no need for additional electronic work."


"Very much. We work in academia, teaching students. They start “tiny” projects currently with LPC2103 EDU Board, we will switch to LPCXpresso 1769. Having a large number of such boards available shortens dev-time substantially."


"The immediate availability of a cheap and complete development system for LPC1xxx was an important reason in our decision to use this components. Otherwise we would have probably wasted a couple of months more."


"The good working HW & SW from Embedded Artists always speeds up development."


"The development boards have probably reduced development time by at least a month or two on the last project, probably more. That was our first project on ARM and first time to use SD or Ethernet."


"I've started working on ARM platform using your competitors' boards and after having switched to EA boards my speed increased at least to a 4x factor."


"LPCXpresso platform is excellent, I think I would require at least 3-4 months of startup without it. Similar evaluation apply to other products of yours."


"It lets us start work on coding/evaluating a new processor without having to go to our own custom boards at first, so very good to both get knowledge of the processor and also consider some aspects of the design for our own products (e.g. as a reference design alongside the documentation from the supplier). Actual time saved depends largely on the actual product spec, but the savings are easily much larger than the price of the boards (and also much cheaper than a custom prototype board for our own use)."